8) FAQ's


6.1 I Have Elderly Relatives In A Care Home or Hospital What Should I Do?

  • Elderly people and those with underlying health conditions are much more likely to develop serious complications from Covid-19. 
  • The Government has published new guidance which sets out that anyone with symptoms should not visit care homes or vulnerable people, while those receiving care should be isolated in their rooms if they have symptoms of Covid-19. 
  • This will be a challenging time for people living and working in care, but we are working closely with industry experts to do everything we can to limit the impact of Covid-19 has on the most vulnerable.

6.2 Do I Still Have To Pay My BBC Licence Fee If I’m Over 75?

The BBC and Government have halted their plans to charge over-75s for the licence fee, postponing the scheme for at least two months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This will come under review in August.

6.3 Do I Need To Wear A Face Mask?

When you're doing normal day-to-day activities face masks do little to protect people from viruses. The best way to reduce any risk of infections is with good hygiene, like washing your hands, not touching your face and avoiding social contact (within 2 metres) with any potentially infected person.

Healthcare professionals may wear special masks if they're spending hours each day looking after people who have tested positive for coronavirus, or may have been infected. If someone has been told they have coronavirus, they may be advised to wear a mask to protect others.

6.4 What Do I Do If I Already Have An Illness?

Whilst the overall NHS advice remains largely the same for all people a range of trusted UK charities provide excellent advice for specific subject areas and COVID-19 (coronavirus). This list will be updated as more information and advice is provided.

6.5 Advice for people with asthma

Asthma UK

6.5.1 Advice for people with cancer

Macmillan Cancer Support

6.5.2 Advice for people with cystic fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis Trust UK

6.5.3 Advice for people with diabetes

Diabetes UK - The British Diabetic Association

6.5.4 Advice for people with heart or circulatory disease

The British Heart Foundation

6.5.5 Advice for people with lung conditions

British Lung Foundation

6.5.6 Advice to help you stay mentally well

Mind - the mental health charity