Education in Fareham

The Secretary of State for Education set out the Government’s final decisions on the National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools and high needs.

 The NFF aims to make the way schools are allocated funding fairer, with a system that determines the level of funding based on need. The new formula will come into effect from April 2018 and the Department for Education has released figures that show how much funding would’ve been allocated under the formula had it been implemented in 2017/18. The figures show that every school in Fareham would see a percentage change in additional funding of between 0.8% and 13%. Fareham constituency as a whole would’ve seen a 6.2% increase in school funding under the formula for 2017/18.

The NFF will be a huge benefit for the whole country and Fareham in particular. I organised a meeting with Fareham teachers and the Schools Minister earlier in the year, so I know there were anxieties about possible losses in funding. But, doubts about any negative impact of the new scheme have been dispelled by the projections from the DfE, which shows Fareham schools would’ve gained additional funding under the new system, which means more funding per pupil at every school. The Conservatives are delivering on our manifesto pledge to make school funding fairer. The new formula will replace the current out of date funding system that sees each area of the country receive very different amounts of money for no justifiable reason.




Suella urges Government to Fight for Free Schools

Free schools have been one of the Conservatives' major successes. But as we approach the 10-year anniversary of the programme, Suella Braverman MP issues a stark warning that the programme risks withering on the vine.

Thank a Teacher day

Ahead of this Thank a Teacher day, Friday 22nd June, I am paying tribute to teachers across Fareham, whose hard work means that more children are gaining the skills and knowledge they need to get on in life.  

Meeting with Schools Minister

A group of school representatives and head teachers and I met with a government minister to discuss the impact of the National Funding Formula on Fareham schools.