The number of people choosing to get about by bike has grown over recent years and, following the success of our Rio Olympians, I want to see this trend continue.
Government investment in cycling has tripled since 2010. My colleagues at the Department for Transport are spending £300 million on cycling funding and a further £500 million for infrastructure in local communities, which will include benefits for cyclists. The £300 million funding includes delivering the £114 million Cycle City Ambition scheme in full, a new 'access' fund for sustainable travel and providing 1.3 million children with cycling proficiency training through funding for the Bikeability scheme.
Ministers are also looking to local authorities as partners to deliver on cycle infrastructure in local communities across England. There is long-term funding available to both local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), which could be used on cycling through the Integrated Transport block, Highways Maintenance block, and the new 'access' fund; and billions of long-term local transport funding available through the Local Growth Fund.
I am pleased that LEPs, which are responsible for prioritising the use of Local Growth Fund allocations within their area, are showing that they understand the value and benefits of cycling, with around £280 million of the Local Growth Fund currently being allocated to cycling projects.