Cams Hill School Receives Visit From Suella

Suella was very pleased to meet the Head of Cams Hill, Mrs Harrison-Jones to hear how the school has coped with challenges during Covid-19. Suella has applauded Cams Hill for maintaining the vast majority of lessons online for students, instigating regular teacher-pupil engagement, and adopting a can-do and effective approach despite the current difficulties. Cams Hill has been providing vital educational support for our young people during the pandemic and Suella noted the important work being done at the school to ensure that Fareham can continue to produce some of the most inspired children of the future. 
The visit also tied into the recent Government decision to allocate Fareham £434 million of investment to expand classrooms, upgrade facilities and improve the education of our children. The funding will ensure schools have well-maintained facilities to provide students with safe environments that support a high-quality education. It is part of the £1.4 billion of capital funding for 2020-21 announced in April and is provided through the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF). On top of this, the Prime Minister has also announced a new transformative 10-year school rebuilding programme. This will be kick-started with over £1 billion for the first 50 projects in 2020-21. As we bounce back from the pandemic, it is important we lay the foundations for a country where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, with our younger generations front and centre of this mission. 
As such, it is imperative that exemplary schools such as Cams Hill continue to receive the support of Government. As we begin to pivot towards a post-Covid future it is crucial that we take a leaf out of the book of educational facilities such as Cams Hill, who have demonstrated that it is possible not only to survive in times of crisis, but to expand upon and develop the educational opportunities of the younger generation. Suella is looking forward to keeping in close contact with the educational team over at Cam’s Hill. 
Commentating Suella Said: 
“It is fair to say that the school has not just coped but performed exceptionally well. I enjoyed zooming into ‘Hot Choc’ to meet students who have been rewarded for their outstanding performance or behaviour in the last week and take their questions and comments to feed back to Government. Thank you to the leadership, teachers, all staff and pupils at Cams Hill for your exemplary response to the pandemic.”