Fareham College Receives £594,629 in FE Cash Boost

Fareham College is set to receive £594,629 in capital funding, as part of the Government’s plans to transform further education colleges across the country. The grant, which represents merely an initial investment, has been provided to improve the condition of the college estate.  
In total, the Government will invest £1.5 billion of new capital in England over the next five years from 2021. This commitment, outlined at the March 2020 budget, follows on from a Conservative Manifesto pledge to make sure local colleges are equally excellent places for people to learn. This investment will support the Government’s wider ambition for the further education sector to deliver truly world-class education.  
An initial £200 million is being brought forward to this financial year, 2020 to 2021. This will support further education colleges to undertake immediate remedial work in this financial year, to upgrade the condition of their estate and provide a boost as the education system emerges from the coronavirus outbreak.  
The Government will publish a White Paper later this year, to set out its long-term vision for further education reform. 

Commenting, Suella said:

“I am delighted to learn that Fareham College will benefit from a large capital injection, designed to improve the estate’s condition. 
As the education system emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that local institutions obtain the funding necessary to improve their facilities and construct new buildings.  
Fareham College is a bedrock of our community, and this funding will ensure that it is fit for the future; a future in which further education colleges will play a focal role in the delivery of world-class education.”