Fareham residents meet health bosses

I organised a Health Summit  for constituents to meet with local health service bosses and to talk about how our services are run in the area.

At the  Summit, held at Fareham Community Hospital, a panel of speakers were given 5 minutes each to talk, while later on in the evening local people were able to take part in a questions session and to raise any issues or concerns they have with the way services have been run.

People at the meeting raised a number of issues which were discussed with the speakers. These included access to GP Services, the new same day access service to be held at FCH, dialysis at FCH, Welborne health concerns, patient participation, freeing hospital beds/hospital discharge to community, and mental health provision in Fareham were all mentioned by local people.

It was a huge success. People got to raise concerns they have over issues they care about. I am pleased that I could provide this important opportunity for dialogue between local people and local health leaders.  

It was great to hear a positive reaction from people to the news of Same Day Access Services coming to FCH, which will address issues of underutilisation and give local people a valuable new service.

 Following a meeting last week with local health leaders, as part of the Fareham Community Hospital Taskforce, there are now talks underway for further plans to increase utilisation of FCH, including a Same Day Access Services to help make it easier for people to receive same-day consultations with a GP, nurse or relevant healthcare professional on the day they make contact.                                                                                                                                                

I would like to say thank you to all of the representatives who showed up to speak to people and to all the residents for coming along.