I am calling on First Bus to install a bus stop at Fareham Community Hospital.

In a letter sent by First Bus Managing Director Marc Reddy, he stated that a lack of customers and possible disruption to the current route make any service to FCH unviable and would not be profitable enough to run, despite only meaning a minor change to the route. 

However, a survey I launched earlier this year revealed that over 99% of respondents supported a bus stop at FCH. Of the respondents around 20% are not eligible for a free older person bus pass.

The survey also highlighted that around 70% of those travelling to the hospital do so by car, while 10% currently travel to FCH by bus. But, critically, around 99% of respondents stated they would use a bus stop if it were provided. 

Footfall at FCH is set to increase as we have seen greater utilisation over the years and the success of the same-day-access-service, launched in September 2017, which is now available to 39,000 patients. So the services will become more viable over time.

It is important that we strengthen accessibility with the hospital to support patients unable to drive. I will be continuing to campaign for better transport measures to FCH. 


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