Suella Meets with Portchester Traders to Discuss Improvements to the Precinct

Suella has recently met with the Portchester traders to put into place plans on how she and the organisation could work together to improve the precinct. The meeting was convened as a response to concerns from the traders and Suella about reduced footfall in the precinct. Residents were dismayed at the recent losses of the Co-op and Lloyd’s which Suella took significant action to rectify (

Resultantly, it was deliberated that a new direction for Portchester needs to be carved out if it is to remain both an economically viable and attractive community. At the meeting the participants discussed the availability of Local Enterprise Partnerships and Community Investment Funds for supporting Portchester. 

Furthermore, Suella drew attention to Fareham Borough Council’s Vision for Portchester project ( It was informative to have the input of Conservative Portchester Cllr Sue Bell who talked about the vital work that Fareham Borough Council is doing to raise awareness of the opportunities for the area, which Suella encourages all local residents to feed into.

The document identifies five key areas for improvement as the result of extensive co-operation and input from residents. As outlined in the document FBC wish to Increase short stay spaces from 51 to 190, improve the precinct surfaces and footpaths, work together with local businesses and traders to make changes to the precinct and introduce more outdoor seating, tables and chairs to make the precinct more vibrant. The meeting offered an opportunity to build and extend upon these aims and Suella looks forward to working with the Portchester traders to realise them, in the foreseeable future.

Commenting Suella said:

“Thank you to the Portchester Traders for a useful meeting last night about how we can work together to improve the Precinct. It was wonderful to meet the great men and women who are running small and independent stores in Portchester during these challenging times for ‘high streets’ all over the country”