Supporting Pubs and the Hospitality Sector in Fareham

On 25 June 2020, the Government introduced the Business and Planning Bill, to temporarily allow pubs, restaurants and cafes serve customers outside.
• Thanks to the efforts of the British people, we have been able to control the coronavirus and can now continue our phased, cautious reopening of our economy for the summer months ahead. 
• To help boost this recovery, we are introducing a new Business and Planning Bill that will simplify licensing processes and cut red tape for thousands of pubs, restaurants and cafes – introducing al fresco dining to the country by allowing them to serve customers outside and increasing outdoor street trading and outdoor markets. 
• This will transform the way people shop and socialise, giving an immediate and much-needed boost to many businesses. 
 The Government is doing this by:  
• Making it easier for pubs, restaurants and cafes to serve customers outdoors, helping them get back on their feet after coronavirus. The Bill will temporarily simplify and reduce the costs of the licencing process for outdoor seating. It currently takes many weeks to get a licence – our changes mean it will be automatically granted if the council hasn’t issued a decision within ten working days. 
• Reforming planning rules to make it easier to hold outdoor markets, fairs and car-boot sales, transforming the way people shop and socialise in a time of social distancing. The temporary changes mean outdoor market and marquees no longer need a planning application, so that can be set up for longer. 
• Allowing more pubs and restaurants to sell alcohol for consumption elsewhere, making it easier to maintain social distancing. Temporary changes will mean that sales of alcohol or food for consumption elsewhere will be allowed in the hours that alcohol can already be sold for consumption on the premises, eliminating the time and cost to businesses who wish to vary their licence. 
• Temporarily removing the requirement for HGV drivers to have a medical assessment, allowing the NHS to prioritise tackling coronavirus. The Bill will allow heavy goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicle drivers to receive a new licence for one year, if they need to renew, without having to undergo a medical assessment.  
• Allowing building sites to operate for longer, recognising the impact of social distancing and time lost in recent months. The Bill will temporarily allow developers to request extended working hours on construction sites.  
• Giving developers more time to start work on projects that have previously been approved, ensuring much needed housing and other development is not lost because of coronavirus. The Bill gives developers until the 1 April 2021 to start work on projects that have previously received planning permission, but which would have expired between 23 March 2020 and 31 December 2020.