Oath of British Values

The UK is home to many different cultures and immigrants have made a significant contribution to this country. I am proud of the tolerance and respect that we show to people coming to this country from abroad. That is not to say that tensions do not sometimes arise between communities. I believe that we can do more to ensure that immigrants integrate fully into British society. A review on community cohesion published by Dame Louise Casey also shows a clear link between cultural isolation and poor economic prospects. Refusing to address integration is unfair to immigrants and to existing communities.
The Government will be responding to Louise Casey's review in detail in the spring, but I share the view of the Communities' Secretary, Sajid Javid, that holders of public office need to lead by example.  A belief in equality, democracy and respect for the law underpins British society. It is important that public leaders understand this and lead according to these values. Rest assured, the Government will be considering all views before making a final decision.