FCH Taskforce

I met with Fareham Community Hospital Taskforce to discuss services at FCH.

Top of the agenda was the new Same-Day-Access-Service (SDAS), which started operating in September 2017, and is now available to around 39,000 patients from 3 surgeries. Dr. Tom Bertram, the clinical lead for the project, said the service is well used and popular, bringing in hundreds of local patients every month. Since January, 8,510 calls have been triaged and 1,864 people have had face to face consultations. 

Recent feedback has also shown high levels of patient satisfaction with their experience at FCH. A patient questionnaire has revealed around 70% of people rated the service a ‘9’ where the scoring is 0-9.

New services are also being considered for FCH, and a recruitment drive for new staff is currently underway as the hospital is set to see increased utilisation.

Fareham Community Hospital Taskforce was set up in 2015 and works for better utilisation of the hospital, increased facilities and to discuss local health issues.