Your services, your say

Since first being elected in 2015, local health issues and services have been a priority for me.

What Brexit means for the Conservatives

We are, rightly, asking what Brexit means for not just our country, but our party. It is not unfathomable that other parties are asking of themselves the same reflective questions.

Broadband in Fareham

Broadband in the UK has been evolving at a rapid pace. As recently as 2004 only 50% of UK households had internet connection. Even in 2010, only 45% of households had access to superfast services in the UK.

Brexit is a golden opportunity for women

Last week we marked International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate our contribution to social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

I’m Proud Of This Government’s Action On Domestic Abuse

Raped, beaten and destitute, Sarah (names changed) had nowhere else to go. Aged 28, and with her young son, she faced no other option than to leave the place she used to call home. Tom, her partner had become increasingly violent over the last year, stripping her of her self-esteem.