Westminster News

Budget to ‘get things done’ for families in Fareham

People living and working across Fareham will benefit from last week’s Budget as the Conservatives deliver on the promises made to the British people, investing in infrastructure, the NHS and public services across the region. 

BREXIT UPDATE - 17.12.18

Prime Minister Theresa May today announced that MPs will vote on Brexit deal in the week of 14 January, with debates on the Withdrawal Agreement restarting in the week of 7 January.

Gosport War Memorial Hospital

I spoke in the chamber  on behalf of Fareham residents who have been affected by the Gosport War Memorial scandal.

It is now confirmed that an external police force is investigating the basis for criminal charges.

UK Parliament Week to be celebrated across Fareham

As we mark 100 years since the first women gained the right to vote, I am inviting everyone in Fareham to get involved in UK Parliament Week and play a part in our thriving democracy.

Winter social care funding

Today, the government has announced how much additional funding local authorities in England will receive to ease pressures over winter thanks to our balanced approach to the economy, including £4,754,497 for Hampshire.

Fareham pupils get a taste of life in Westminster

A group of Fareham pupils from the LWS Academy, in Sarisbury Green, were shown around the historic Houses of Parliament today.

16 pupils, aged 11-16, and 5 members of staff had the opportunity to take part in a tour, led by an expert on Parliament’s history.

Fareham residents watch PMQs

Four Fareham residents joined me for PMQs

Max Falstein and mum Rebecca, along with James Bunce and Kenneth Charman, of Warsash, attended the session in Westminster. During their visit, they joined me for a chat in the House of Commons and were shown the House of Lords.

Withdrawal Agreement debate

Today I led the debate in the House of Commons on the Withdrawal Agreement.

This is an important step in our withdrawal from the EU- legislating to protect the rights of EU Citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU, the implementation period and the financial settlement.