Suella Meets Fareham Residents at Lockswood Community Centre

Last week, Suella Braverman spoke to Fareham residents at her socially-distanced monthly surgery, held at Lockswood Community Centre, Locks Heath. The occasion gave Fareham constituents the opportunity to discuss matters of concern, and to raise points of interest.

Later, Suella praised the hard work and dedication of the Centre’s team, who facilitated the meeting by ensuring that the venue was safe and Covid-secure.

Observing current procedures in the Lockswood Library, whereby books are quarantined and the facilities are regularly sanitised, Suella expressed her gratitude to library staff for their fantastic efforts in supporting public use. The Government announced that libraries may reopen their doors from 4 July, subject to following Covid-secure guidelines.

If residents would like to raise an issue with Suella during a surgery appointment, they are encouraged to email:

Commenting Suella said:

“It was my pleasure to meet with Fareham residents last week, to discuss and address their individual concerns while catching-up with some familiar faces. I am continually in awe of

the innumerable stories of courage and perseverance that have arisen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and I am humbled by the continued support of Fareham residents.

Thank you to Katrina and Ray, as well as the Centre’s entire team, for their hard-work in supporting the occasion, and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. I am delighted to see that the Lockswood Community Centre and Library is operational once again, albeit with limited service availability. I appreciate the team’s patience during these challenging times, and as we return to normality, I am certain that the Centre will be reinstated as the hub of the Fareham community.”